Getting Rid of Clothes: Four Ways

So you’ve decided to be a minimalist. Or try to. Your closet and your home have been through several edits. But it’s getting harder and harder. That’s part of the fun – the better we get at questioning our stuff, the harder the questions we ask.

Take the closet, for example. The old ratty stuff is gone, as is the stuff that doesn’t fit and maybe never will. You no longer try to convince yourself that neon, flare jeans, or fringe vests are actually your style – they’ve all been relocated to a better home. But there are still things you just aren’t sure about. You wear them less frequently than your favorites, but you’re not sure that that necessarily disqualifies them from being in your closet.

Jeans PalastThere are four ways of going about this conundrum:

  1. The Radical Way: Out they go. If you’re not sure you love it (and won’t be left naked), get rid of it. Keep only the things you definitely, most certainly, absolutely love.
  2. The Passive Way: Wear your problem children for a day. Outside, as you go about your business. If someone compliments you on the piece (bonus points for non-creepy strangers), keep it. Consider how rarely you comment on someone’s look: you must look smoking if someone actually bothered to come up with a positive remark. Note: this works especially well if you live in a culture that doesn’t use compliments as a way to make conversation (sorry, America, where I’ve even been complimented on my shoes in a public restroom while I was in the stall). I once used this technique for three successive days and ended up keeping 2/3, so it does work!
  3. The Intuitive Way: Again, wear it for a day. Notice how it makes you feel. Positive feelings à it stays. “Meh”, negative, or neural à out it goes.
  4. The Rational Way: can you actually truly see yourself wearing it in the life that you are currently living? No fantasy lives! No? Out. Now. You deserve better than that.

Happy closet streamlining! What are your tips for dealing with not-quite-favorite clothes?


A Blog to Keep Me Writing

Writing_BlogThis blog is going to be all over the place. I’ll write about minimalism and simplicity, because that has been on my mind for years, and its life-changing effects cannot be shared too much. I’ll write about little things that make life easier and happier. I’ll write about health, because that is why I go to medical school. I’ll write about books, because they are my best non-people friends. I’ll write about writing, because meta-writing is fun. I’ll write about my thoughts, because that is the reason for this blog. I have had one of these before, but then I got caught up in the comments, the page views, the followers. I hope this one will be different. I’ll definitely try not to care if anyone else ever stumbles upon it. Mostly, this blog is supposed to keep me writing. Because medical school tends to get in the way. This blog, and you, dear reader, are my new accountability partners. Welcome. I’m so excited you’re here. Have a seat, grab a cup of your favorite hot drink, and bear with me.