Experimental October

HalloweenAs I announced yesterday, publicly conducted experiments will be a thing on this blog. I hereby announce the research questions for October. I am back at home, so the project is less ambitious than September’s blank slate approach. Classes start in a week, so the challenge will be returning to and improving my regular routine.

Drumroll for this month’s lifestyle tweaks:

  1. Eating slowly. I’ve been known to breathe in my food along with oxygen and I irrationally believe that it will no longer taste good when it is lukewarm/ cold. This is something I want to unlearn. I want to force myself to slow down and really taste the things that are supposed to nourish me. Even after two days, when remembering the experiment, I realized that many things, especially convenience foods, really don’t taste that good when you attempt to enjoy them slowly. We shall see what change a month can bring.
  2. The Minimalism Game. Getting rid of more things every day, using the number on the calendar as my guide. I’ve played before, a few years ago, but didn’t make it through the entire month. It’s a great way to keep decluttering at the forefront of your mind, and already, things have had to say goodbye that I otherwise would not have questioned. Here’s to winning this time!

Have a lovely October and stay tuned for an update on the experiment at the end of the month – and many posts in between!

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