October Results

I guess by “check back on Monday” I actually meant “check back on Thursday?” But moving on, life happens. Since it is only improbable but not impossible that you’re dying to find out about the results for my Oct
ober experiments – without further ado (except the obligatory imaginary drumroll):Halloween

  1. The Minimalism Game – success! I made it until day 26, which means that I got rid of 351 things. Yes, technically, I didn’t win, i.e. make it until Halloween – that would have meant removing an additional 145 things. But that’s ok. Considering that I only have one room to declutter (most of the kitchen stuff belongs to my roommates), and things were already pretty minimal, I’m more than satisfied. I got rid of many things that I wouldn’t have questioned otherwise – why do I keep every postcard I receive in a box I never open? Who needs 71 buttons? Why do I own a CD when I don’t own a device that can swallow it? Just a sample of the fascinating questions I had to ask myself this past month… I hope I stay in a decluttering frame of mind over the holidays, since I’ve discovered that that is the best prevention to accumulation and the holidays are, well, a risk factor. I’ll maintain momentum by getting rid of one thing a day.
  2. Eating slowly – failure! At the beginning of the month, I was surprised that I remembered this resolution during so many meals. Instead, what should have surprised me was that I failed to act on this remembrance. Not always, but most of the time, my eating speed was the same as in September and all the months before. Not quite the point of this exercise. So what went wrong? Two things:
    1. The resolution was not specific enough. What is slow, even? That word means nothing when you’re hungry and only have 20 minutes for lunch. On the next try, it has to be something like “Chew at least 15 times” or “Put your fork down every three bites.” Numbers. Best way to specify a habit.
    2. I didn’t track my progress. While I took notes of every thing I got rid of and kept track of my September habits daily, I only took one little note regarding slow eating. On October 6th. As the month progressed, I remembered to slow down at fewer meals, until it had no influence whatsoever on my behavior. Next time, I should write a little note after every meal, recording my progress and keeping the resolution in the antechamber of my mind. This will probably also help in defining “slow”, since I’ll be forced to think about it at least three five times a day.

But I did learn a valuable lesson (which I recorded on October 6th): When consumed slowly, convenience foods to not pass the test: when you try to actually enjoy and savor them, they really don’t taste good enough to even deserve to be eaten. I also learned that this is a lesson you forget about as soon as you stop eating slowly.

How do you deal with setbacks? How do you formulate resolutions to make sure they are specific enough?

I hope you were more successful with your habits in October!

5 thoughts on “October Results

  1. WOW! You made it a lot further in the Minimalist Game than I did! I might have to give it another try before too long.

    And you’re right! If you start to think about it, processed food is totally NOT even worth eating. Even when I’m scarfing it down 😉


  2. I would also like to eat more slowly! I try and then forget, and try and then forget. I tried to look out the window at work and eat, but I still didn’t pay attention to what I was eating, instead I was daydreaming 🙂 If you find a good way to make this stick, I’d love to know!


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