Final 2015 Experiments and November Results

IMGP2114 KopieToday is December 1st. So how did my November experiments go? I am so glad you asked, because they were a resounding success! Double drumroll and early firecrackers, because really, who wants to wait until New Year’s Eve?

  1. Yoga: 27/30 days!!! On November 4th, I did the “best” tree pose ever. With my foot on my thigh, not my calf. I can now almost do tree pose. I am more flexible. I am not that much stronger, because I had a cold for two weeks and did a lot of restorative yoga. But without this experiment, I probably wouldn’t have moved at all during that time, so major win. Even on busy days, I added three minutes of yoga to the end of my day, giving myself some breathing room. From now on, I want to keep practicing at home, but I won’t be as “strict” as I was this month. The new goal will be not to miss two days in a row.
  2. Studying French: 28/30 days!!! Some vocabulary, some emails, and mostly reading a novel and short stories (Onitsha by Le Clézio and Les Yeux de Soie by Françoise Sagan).

I learned from last month’s mistakes and documented whether or not I did these things every day, and I’m pretty sure that was a large part of why things went so well. I also got rid of one thing on most days, so the low-key Minimalism Game was a success, too.

New month, new experiments. So of course, another drum roll for December:

  1. Read a chapter of my electrocardiogram book every day. An advent calendar of sorts. Clearly I go to medical school.
  2. Study French medical vocabulary for 10 minutes every day. Since I took the easy route of “just” reading for most of last month, this experiment is more specific. I’m going to be writing index cards and then studying them so I can start my semester abroad confidently.

These are realistic, since 10 minutes are not long, and the chapters in the ECG book are very short, too, about 5 pages each. Make-ups are allowed because December is a busy month.

How are you ending the year in a stride?

9 thoughts on “Final 2015 Experiments and November Results

  1. I’m trying to think of December as a slow and easy transition into my New Year’s resolutions. My goal is to do something active every day (even if it’s just a short walk or 5 minutes of squats or something).


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